Monday, November 14, 2011

Housing Conundrums

Dear Internet,

Yesterday, I received an email from my current landlords requesting that we tell them ASAP whether or not we plan on signing on for another year so that they can begin advertising our place, if not. That's a legitimate request from a landlord...except for the fact that they are making it 4 months into our 12 month lease.

From their perspective, it's a good idea. It's a university town, and there are a lot of students who will want a lease starting in September. Lots of competition, so they want to get in the game early.

From my perspective, though, all I can think is that, had I signed on for another year with my former roommates after 4 months, shit would have hit the fan harder than it did. If you recall, things went bad fast with my previous roommates just 4 months before our lease was up. While I am optimistic that something like that won't happen with my current roommates, you can never be sure of that sort of thing. I don't want to be lamenting signing on for another year next August. Not to mention the fact that I won't be around 8 months next year due to my upcoming stint at teacher's college in another town. Is it really wise to sign a 12-month lease for a place where I will be living for only 4 months?

I'm hoping my brother, who will be here next fall and winter terms, will take over my lease for me, but I can't expect that because, well, he'll want to live with his own friends and not mine. If he doesn't want to take the lease, I'll have to choose between signing on and finding sublettors for each term and simply not signing. While wiser from a financial perspective, I don't want to stick my current roommates with having to find a replacement if I don't sign.

What a pickle! I was hoping I could put off this decision at least until the winter term, but it's looking like my landlords are going to be rushing my decision.