Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work Term Over!

Dear Internet,

I made it. I survived my first work term. I was planning on ranting how much I hated it, but I've decided that that is unprofessional and probably a bad idea. Let's just say that it was an under-stimulating and disappointing experience, and my supervisor may or may not have disliked me. The point is that it's over and that makes me happy.

I have moved back to my university town for the upcoming school term, and damn am I excited for this term. Coming from a summer that was too hot and too lonely and too boring, I am looking forward to fall/winter, being with friends, and going to classes or out with friends. My room looks AWESOME (all of my crap managed to fit, surprisingly enough, into my 9'x9' room).

Soon, I'll be heading home for a week (with someone really awesome), then after that, classes start and the general routine of school begins. I am so pumped.



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