Sunday, November 21, 2010

Faithfully Waiting...

Dear Internet,

If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is when people are not true to their word. For instance, when I am promised something mid-June during an employment contract lasting through August, come mid-November I'm pretty irked to not have received it yet.

In other words: yes, I am still complaining about not having received a bonus I was promised over the summer.

If it weren't for the fact that I really hated my job, and that it was four unfulfilling months of menial work that amounted to nothing but a meagre amount of money that was barely enough to last me through this term, I would just give up on ever receiving this bonus. It's almost like I want to force my former boss to give me this bonus so that she can admit that I deserved a better evaluation than I was given. In what sort of twisted universe can an employee receive a bonus for having awesome production, but be evaluated the equivalent of "ehhhhhh"? It's ridiculous.

I got so hopeful...when I emailed her a week into November after her last ETA passed (end of October), she emailed me back promising the bonus by the end of the week. From the way the email was worded, I thought, just maybe, she sent it out right before sending me that email. And so I continued faithfully checking my mail every day, even going through the "SmartShopper" mini newspaper in case it got lost between the pages. In this time, I have received two packages I ordered at the end of October, which had to be sent from the States...somewhat farther away than Toronto. Alas, it still has yet to arrive, and I am receiving messages from my team mates from over the summer asking if anything has happened with our bonuses yet.

Honestly, it's just unprofessional for them to be so slow with this. I feel like they teased us with the bonus over the summer the same way I take out a treat whenever I want my dog to come inside, but then put the treat away once he's actually in. "Ohh if you do all this awesome work with us you'll get a BONUS! ...okay the work is over, NO BONUS FOR YOU!"

Maybe if someone else from the team (read: someone my boss didn't hate) emailed her and asked her, we would actually receive what we were promised.

Will give this more thought.



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