Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lesson and Fun Fact of the Day #1

Dear Internet,

Lesson of the day: A lot of students think they can get away with not reading directions to assignments and just do them however they want.

Fun fact of the day: I failed a lot of students in the assignment I was marking today.



P.S. I want to try to see how many of these I can come up with on consecutive days. Because I've just told you this, I will fail at it.


Anonymous said...

Alot of students are 100% correct that is is possible. Clearly your students are very bad at it.

You should teach them how to be good at it. That way, they can use what you teach them in anything they do in life, whereas whatever you are teaching them is probably limited to a specific area.

Carolyn said...

I totally disagree. Reading directions is an important part of anything in life, really, if you want to be doing things correctly. If students ignore directions they are given when completing something with very specific directions, formatting for a report for instance, their error can have disastrous consequences. If you cannot follow directions given to you by a supervisor, you're not going to do well in your job/career.